New Feature: Interactive Floor Plan
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New Feature: Interactive Floor Plan

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June 23, 2022

Since day one, we have aimed at making desk booking as easy as possible for anyone. With our new feature the interactive floor plan, users can see in real-time who in the office is and where the colleagues are sitting, during the selected day and time.

You can then pick and book a desk, right next to your favorite coworker or far away from that working spouse…

This is how it works

  1. Click on Floor Plan view and see who’s in the office on the selected day & time
  2. Select a desk and check its equipment
  3. Book your desk instantly
Interactive floor plan

Hybrid work works

The new interactive floor plans make collaboration even easier and foster interpersonal exchange. Long gone will be the times where employees messaged their colleagues on which days they will come to the office to align and spend time together. 

➡️ You want to have it? Then schedule your personal demo with our deskbird team!


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New Feature: Interactive Floor Plan
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