Make hybrid work

Finally, a shared desk solution that users love. Shift to a flexible workplace with the most intuitive workspace booking solution on earth. Your employees will love it, from day one.

Intuitive workspace booking

2 clicks. This is what it takes to book a shared workspace with deskbird. No matter if you book a desk, meeting room, parking spot, or any other resource. No matter if you book via mobile, web, MS Teams, or Slack.

A seamless room booking experience

The easiest way to find, book, and sync your meeting rooms, all without ever leaving our solution! And with Outlook and Google calendar integration, you can avoid scheduling conflicts and get real-time analytics.

Simple sharing of work locations

Who is in the office today? Who is working from home? Employees can share their work locations and get notified when colleagues plan coming to the office. The magic: It’s fully integrated with MS Teams, Outlook and Google.

Powerful admin centre

Set up your flexible workplace within minutes. Create interactive floor plans, set check-in requirements, define access restrictions, and more. You will get detailed analytics on office demand and occupancy.

Seamless integrations with MS Teams and more

What companies love about deskbird

Fast and intuitive user interface

We are very happy with the introduction of deskbird – the most important thing for us was the fast and intuitive user interface, and they definitely delivered! Within a few weeks only, we onboarded several office locations and around 1'000 employees. Our office has even become more collaborative, as everyone can see who's coming to the office and where colleagues are sitting.

Marvin Lange

IU Group

Speedy onboarding

We were impressed by their speed - our various global offices were set up within a few hours. And deskbird offers a user interface which makes desk booking a great experience for our staff.

Bernie Jungreithmayr

Canadian Solar

Jan Schreiber Usercentrics

Great user experience

We were immediately convinced by the user experience of the deskbird app. We finally found a solution that our employees actually like to use for their daily desk bookings. The support team of deskbird is very responsive and usually reacts within a few hours.

Jan Schreiber


Sandra Lindemann

Fantastic collaboration

The close collaboration with the deskbird team has been fantastic. Desk booking in our Madrid and Munich office was fully operational in less than a week, and our employees love the app!

Sandra Lindemann


Dominik Muissus

Onboarding in a few days

We needed a simple solution for booking desks for some of our departments quickly. With deskbird, onboarding was done in a matter of days and the app is super intuitive! Since launch, we've also added cool new features on an ongoing basis.

Dominik Muissus, CIO

Taylor Wessing

Loving the app

We are loving the deskbird app, as it lets us see exactly who's in the office at a glance! That not only helps us to avoid overcrowding, but also means that employees can coordinate with their colleagues before deciding whether to work from home or from the office.

Michael Kahn


Fast setup and perfect for daily office planning

Fast setup and straightforward app. deskbird perfectly manages our daily office planning and desk booking!

Florian Weidinger


Trusted by organizations around the world

“Well-organized hybrid work lets our customers gain one day of productivity a week, per employee.”

Ivan Cossu

Hybrid work advocate, co-founder and CEO of deskbird

Ivan Cossu deskbird

“deskbird helps businesses embrace the hybrid work concept while supporting employee needs.”

Chris Dyer

Best selling author (Remote Work), consultant and keynote speaker

Chris Dyer
Chris Dyer

“At the heart of collaboration are extra linguistic cues. It's about seeing the other person, so we got to be intentional about it.”

Lynda Gratton

Author (Redesigning Work), hybrid work thought leader and professor at LBS

Lynda Gratton
Lynda Gratton

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